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Naturemax, an exquisite range of decorative veneers for connoisseurs of fine living.


Epicurean, the elite range of exclusive natural veneers from Naturemax. Obtained from exotic species, from across the continents, with fascinating grains, this range adds to the classic quotient of luxe interiors.

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Aficionado, the range of fumed natural veneers from Naturemax. The veneers are individually inspected and sorted, and then fumed to darken the surface colour and make it resistant to ageing.

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Aesthete, the range of grey silver coloured natural veneers. Obtained from selected species with a unique achromatic ash colour, this is processed and the colour is further enhanced, to give a gorgeous silvery grey hue.

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iconic, the range of standard natural veneers from Naturemax. Meticulously sourced from a wide assortment of species, from across the world with matching grains, distinctive patterns and remarkable colours, this range imparts true naturalness of wood to living spaces.

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Eclectic, the range of natural dyed veneers from Naturemax, adds vivid colour accents to different interior-spaces. The veneers are pressure bleached and dyed, which ensures thorough penetration and complete colour correctness.

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The range imparts timelessness of wood décor to living spaces. A perfect reflection of aesthetics, natural value, durability and pro-environment sensitivity, Naturemax Decorative Veneers is for those who revel in making distinctiveness, a statement of living.


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“Naturemax Decorative Veneers are manufactured at Greenply’s state of the art, Pantnagar facility which is recognized for some of the most prestigious certifications. These include:

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