Raw Material


Hi quality A grade veneers of 0.6 mm thickness are sourced directly from manufacturers. To ensure superior quality and variety, species are sourced directly from native/ countries of origin. By directly going to the source we are able to procure the best grade of veneers. In many species, the procurement happens at the logs stage itself where slicing of veneers is also done as per our defined parameters. Well established producers are only selected to ensure slicing is done on high quality European machines so that the grain structure remains as close to its natural state as possible. The sourced veneers are properly dried and treated to ensure the character stability, so that the veneers arrive at our facility in a perfect state.

Base Ply

The base ply in Naturemax Decorative Veneers, is made of only hardwood species like Gurjan/Keruing (of Dipterocarpus family) and is 100% sourced from Myanmar (Burma) / Indonesia. The core and the face layers are of same species which ensures perfect assembly and bonding during the ply manufacturing process. Single piece composed core is used to ensure zero core over lap or core gap. Commercial face veneer of 0.6 mm is used on both sides of the ply to ensure a perfectly smooth surface for the application of the decorative veneer. The base ply is very accurately calibrated with minimal thickness tolerance & variation. Further, only phenolic resins are used to make the plywood waterproof.



In the production of Naturemax Decorative Veneers, integrated processing lines from Fischer + Ruckle, Switzerland have been deployed for the cutting, gluing and splicing of sliced decorative veneers. The jointing machine ensures high cutting quality and perfect squared-edge cuts of the veneer bundles. Automatic glue application happens within the jointing machine on the perfectly cut edge to ensure an absolute even glue application along the edges. The bundle then passes through a fanning machine that seperates the edges and allows the glue to settle and achieve viscosity. The splicing machine, one of its kind in India, is used for hi speed crossfeed splicing of veneer, which ensures perfect joints for high and consistent end product quality. Unlike the conventional method of assembling veneers where a zig zag thread is used on top of the joint between the two pieces of veneer, the edge gluing method followed for Naturemax, ensures a perfect and seamless joint between two pieces with no gaps at all. Also, in the zig zag thread method, only the portion where the thread crosses over from one piece of veneer to the other piece is where the bonding takes place. In the edge gluing method, since the entire edge is applied with glue between the two pieces, the bonding of the veneers happens over the entire length and hence is far superior and stronger. The process allows us to make seamless decorative panels with small pieces of veneer, and replicate the closest natural look of the species over a wider surface area.


Fumed veneers are a result of exposing the veneer sheets to heat and vacuum with the use of certain chemicals and salts. The presence of tannin in the wood allows the veneers to absorb the heat and chemical treatment. Veneers are fumed in large, thermal and vacuum controlled chambers in a process that takes about 3-4 weeks. Fully automated PLC controlled treatment chambers sourced from Denmark enables total control of the outcome of the fuming process. Unlike staining which is only a treatment of the surface, the fuming process allows the treatment to deeply penetrate into the veneer producing a rich, permanent color that varies by species. After the shade has been achieved, the veneers are dried in an absolute oxygen free atmosphere. The fuming process is completely energy friendly and adheres to the company’s environmental compliances. The use of advanced technical infrastructure allows us to produce the widest range of fumed veneers with consistent results, prompt delivery and wide flexibility.

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